When you build a good website, people copy it

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When you build a good website people copy it. It’s almost a given, but what they shouldn’t do, is plagurise it and copy its name and branding.

There is no doubt about the fact that copying a good idea is beneficial for the consumers. Whether it is an ng a driver-less vehicle, a delivery drone, or a websiteWe built TilersForums.co.uk and it was copied by TilingForum.co.uk first, then TilersForum.com a couple of years ago. Both website owners are former forum members of ours. So then knew what they were doing.

We built ElectriciansForums.co.uk in 2007, and a former forum member created ElectricianForum.co.uk but decided to use a sub domain talk.electricianforum thinking it perhaps would avoid legal issues.

Then not so long ago somebody thought they would create another untold media. Hosted on untold-media.Co.uk

It’s nice to think you’re doing something well enough to encourage somebody to do the same, but to copy the actual name and branding and setup doing the same kinda thing is just pure plagurism and is morally wrong as well as legally queationable.

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