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Untold Media Timeline

About Untold Media
About Untold Media – Learn about the team and the business behind the name.

Here’s a rough timeline for Untold Media and its busy 14 years.


Untold Media was founded in 2002 and untoldmedia.com was launched in February 2003. Before that the company was known as KC Web Hosting, as the name suggests, it was primarily a small website hosting company that hired servers and split up the space and sold on that space to smaller companies needing hosting for their websites, and the odd personal website for car enthusiast clubs and the likes.

2003 – 2005

In 2003 Untold focused more on the development of websites and the marketing of them. At the time ‘search engine optimisation’ was the buzz word, and the only way to get a website to competitively rank in search engines. Which at the time were plentiful and not just dominated by Google.

Presenting Untold Media
The original green and grey Untold Media logo was changed to orange and purple in 2017 for a refreshing look.

2005 -2008

Spending some time working with local companies helped the team behind Untold Media to gain experience in building eCommerce stores, and supplying seasonal products online via various websites.

During that phase the company also started to work with several companies to organise event promotions at venues such as The Ideal Homes Exhibition at Earls Court in London. Because of this small companies managed to show and sell their products at such events, and online.

In 2006 Untold Media launched an online advice website for wall and floor tilers, TilersForums.co.uk. That took off and gained members quickly, therefore in 2007 several more were launched for electricians, plumbers, plasterers, building contractors, flooring and carpet fitters, and various other trades.

2008 – 2013

Advice forums are now booming, the events arm is scaled back, the web hosting company is becoming less viable with the launch of Amazon web services and various other large-scale datacenters, ‘cloud hosting’ is now becoming commonplace.

Untold Media keep existing web development customers and grow with those, and cherry pick the most interesting projects to work on, which include video production and editing, event management, graphic design and photography work.

2013 – Present

The trademark Untold Media is granted in 2013 (trade mark number UK00003011812). By this time Untold have provides services to many companies across the globe such as:-

…and many more Untold customers.

Because of the success Untold Media now continue to provide many services to many clients, run many web properties, dabble in the promotion and management of events, produce many forms of media, and are buying other smaller businesses that have great potential and fit within the Untold brand.

If you’re interested in gaining more business on or offline, get in touch today!