How do I know you’re actually from Untold Media?

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If you would like to know whether the Untold Media representative that has arrived at your place of business or home address is actually from Untold Media, you can use their Untold Media Identity Badge and your Unique Appointment Reference Number to verify them by calling 07779 555 007 or 07779 918 918 during office hours.

Untold Media Identity Badge (UMIB)

Every employee of Untold Media carries an Untold Media Identity Badge that is unique to them. It will contain their employee number, photograph, position within the company, and our telephone numbers. 07779 555 007 and 07779 918 918. You can check their identity by calling either of the phone numbers on their card to confirm they are who they claim to be.

If the telephone numbers on the card are NOT 07779 555 007 and 07779 918 918, then if it is safe to do so, call the Police immediately. The person is NOT from Untold Media.

Unique Appointment Reference Number (UARN)

A UARN is provided with every appointment and includes the proposed location, time, and attendees of the appointment / meeting. You can use this as verification when meeting Untold Media staff members that have prearranged an appointment or meeting.

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